24 December 2007

Very crowded waterholes in Etosha

We were in Etosha when the rainy season was just getting started, which meant the waterholes were still extremely crowded with oryx, zebra, wildebeest, springbok and the unique black-faced Impala. The lions in Namibia were the biggest we've seen during our whole trip through Africa.

14 December 2007

Visit to Namibia: Spitzkoppe will be added to our Namibia Untamed Photo Trip

Namibia remains unrivaled when it comes to spectacular landscapes and photographic opportunities for nature photography. We returned to Deadvlei and Sossusvlei, which were noticeably greener than during our last visit, because of good rains two years ago. And we visited the amazing boulders and mountains of Spitzkoppe, a region that is often left out in roundtrips through Namibia, but which is extremely photogenic. A good reason to change our schedule for the Namibia Untamed Photo Trip and include it, because it is a real "must" when visiting Namibia!

04 November 2007

Botswana: Chobe National Park & the Okavango Delta

In Botswana wildlife was abundant and getting ready for the rainy season. We photographed hundreds of elephants in Chobe and lots of lions, buffalo, elephants, leopards and big herds of general game in the Okavango Delta. The large numbers of animals made our visit absolutely amazing.

01 October 2007

Zambia: a hidden gem featuring the Zambezi River

We have just left Zambia, which we visited for our book on Africa. It is beautiful, combining great game viewing from a vehicle with boat trips on the Zambezi River or even from a canoe. Approaching animals from the water gives you a different (often eye-level) perspective and you can get quite close to them. Zambia is still relatively unknown as a safari-country, making it not so crowded or touristy. A real gem!

18 June 2007

Report from our trip through South-Africa for the book Wild Romance

It's been two months since we arrived in South-Africa, and our visit brought us everything we hoped for: wild dogds, black rhino, lion cubs, baby elephants, hyena pups, leopards and lots of other species. We're now in the final stage of the first part of our Africa project. We'll spend two more weeks in Madagascar, and then we're off to Amsterdam again. So far the trip has been amazing. We've spent months in the wilderness and it will take some time to re-adjust to everyday city life again.

As far as the photo gear is concerned - most of it has survived the bumps and the dust, lots of dust, and ou backs are still in one piece, despite the 20kg of camera gear we each lug around every day.
One of our back-up cameras lost autofocus, one of the screws of our window mount broke off, and one of the legs of Daniëlla's tripod broke after she was charged by a warthog - just another day in the African bush...

20 May 2007

Wild Dogs in South Africa

We've been traveling in South Africa for little over a month now, and so far we've been very lucky. We found the wild dogs we were looking for on more than one occasion, and got some great elephant shots, while tracking a large her on foot - an unforgettable experience. We're now heading east, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive leopard.

12 April 2007

Tanzania: unusually wet

As a result of the unusually wet weather in the months before our arrival in Tanzania, the migration was shattered all over the Serengeti. The herds were more numerous, but smaller.
Luckily, we managed to find one of the bigger herds near the east of the Serengeti and we spent many hours observing thousands of wildebeest and zebra, moving like a giant lawnmower.

Less pleasant were the countless tsetse flies that were after our blood, and their painful and itching bites caused us many restless nights. Next stop will be South Africa, where we'll go looking for wild dogs, a highly endangered species.

26 March 2007

The green green grass of... Kenia!

The past month in Kenya has been incredible. As the rains still hadn't stopped - it was supposed to be the dry season - we got a lot of great wildlife shots with lush and green vegetation as apposed to the yellow and dry scenery we're so used to seeing. We're off to Tanzania now and hope to get a glimpse of the great migration - wish us luck!

22 February 2007

Tour through Africa for a book we're working on

For the next four months we will be traveling in Africa, working on two photo books. Our journey will start in Kenya, and from there we'll go on to Tanzania, South Africa and Madagascar. We'll be back early July, but you can still contact us through email. However, internet access in the bush will be limited, so it might take a little longer than usual for us to get back to you.

31 January 2007

Winner Nature Photographers Network Annual Awards

Marsel's prize-winning shot of a silhouetted giraffe taken in South Africa, has won yet another prestigious award: first prize in the Wildlife category of the Nature Photographers Network Annual Awards.