15 March 2010

In search of new locations for photo tours

Just to let you know that we are off for 7 weeks of traveling, looking at 3 new possible locations for photo tours. So if you email us, we will be very slow in getting back to you, because we are really going "off the beaten track"! 11 and 12 April we will (hopefully) have internet. And we are back home 5 May. So anywhere in between: please be patient ;-)

2 articles with Marsel this month

For Dutch-speaking photo enthousiasts, it might be nice to know that there are articles featuring Marsel's photography this month in the following magazines:
  • Chip foto-video
  • Digi foto pro, special edition "MasterClass"
Chip foto-video features a lenghty interview, explaing how Marsel became a photographer, his vision on photography and the trips we organize. The article in Digi foto pro, is more instructional and Marsel gives a lot of tips about making better photographs. Both articles feature a selection of some of his best work. Enjoy!