05 May 2010

Special offer for Zambia and Kenya (September 2010)

Book in May and get 250 Euro discount on our photo tours to Kenya and Zambia!

TEst We go to Kenya to photograph the migration, one of the most spectacular events in the world. Tens of thousands of wildebeest and zebra stream into the Masai Mara during the migration, and we will be right in the middle of the action. This is also the perfect time to see lions, leopards and cheetahs which all try to take advantage of the huge concentrations of game during this period. We will be staying in a mobile tented camp, set up privately for our group in two very strategic locations inside the Masai Mara. You can't get any closer to nature than this! All tents have private facilities and the camp staff will take care of your every need. You'll be camping luxury style. This trip offers you the best opportunities to get those amazing shots of the migration that you have always wanted!

Zambia is one of the last remaining unspoiled safari destinations. This Squiver photo tour takes you to South Luangwa NP, with its lagoons and riverine woodlands, and the Lower Zambezi NP, with elephants and buffalo grazing along the Zambezi river. You can shoot from vehicles, boats, canoes and on foot! Likely subjects are elephant, hippo, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, lion, and leopard, to name a few. Non-photographing partners will also enjoy this trip. You can book an extension to Victoria Falls; a location not to miss while in Zambia!

Interested in one of these trips? Make sure you book before 1 June 2010 and get 250 Euro discount! More info on www.squiver.com/phototrips.html

03 May 2010

Daniëlla's snow monkeys featured in beer commercial

As the original post was deleted (we were too quick with putting it on our weblog), we are reposting the announcement that video footage shot by Daniëlla at the snow monkeys in Japan was used in a TV commercial for Dos Equis beer. The advertising campaign for this Mexican beer revolves around an adventurous man, who ends up doing the most amazing things or finds himself in peculiar situations. That is why he is called "the most interesting man in the world". He does not always drink beer, but when he does, he prefers Dos Equis (XX).

The first commercial is a 30 seconds version, called "The Diver", where he shows up bathing with the snow monkeys.

The second commercial is a tag-on that features solely shots of the snow monkeys.

Want to visit the snow monkeys yourself? Join us on our photo tour to Japan in February! Visit our website for more information.