24 October 2009

Osos, leones, lynces (Wildlife Workshop Spain)

Which is Spanish for bear, lion and lynx, but you knew that of course. ;) These are only three of over a hundred different animal species from five continents that live in the park we just visited. Despite the predictions, we were very lucky with the weather and got to spend a lot of time with the animals.

Each day we started with image reviews of previous day's results, and after breakfast we drove to the park where we stayed until after sunset. Favorite species were definitely the bears and the lynx, who were very cooperative and never disappointed. We were especially lucky to see two newborn bovines, minutes after they were born; a gaur calf and a watusi calf. The gaur is a large, dark-coated bovine animal from Asia. The biggest populations are found today in India. The gaur is the largest species of wild cattle, bigger than the Cape buffalo, water buffalo. The watusi are a breed of cattle originally native to Africa. They have very large, distinctive horns that makes them very photogenic. We also got to practice our birds in flight technique with some spectacular birds of prey.

We had a really good time and were very happy to see the amazing progress everyone made during this workshop - we hope to show some of the best images shot by the particpants on this blog soon!

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