15 November 2008

Chris Gray shoots Top 10 winner during Squiver photo trip

The North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) has announced that Chris Gray has won a Top 10 place in this years competition. There were over 4,300 entries. Chris joined us on our Namibia Untamed photo trip last May during which he made the winning shot.

Chris says: "In the spring of 2008, I was on a photographic expedition in Namibia. One of our stops was an area with the most unusual natural rock formations. During the daytime it offers spectacular photographic opportunities of quivertrees and dolerites (gigantic magma formations about 180 million years old). At night it is spell-binding, it is almost like it puts a trace on you as you are transported to another place and time. The darkness was filled with millions of brightly shining stars and several other celestial bodies, including a couple of man-made satellites. The sounds of nature in the surrounding area dramatically added to the sense of awe I was feeling. I knew I had to try and capture this visual experience."
Besides this Top 10 shot, Canada-based Chris also shot a Top 100 NANPA winner on this same trip to Namibia. Both images will appear in NANPA Expressions 2009 that will be released in January 2009 and on the NANPA website. You can see more of his pictures on his own website: www.photogray.ca

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