01 December 2010

Back from Utah

The past weeks we've been traveling in the US, in Utah to be precise. We knew Utah was big, but now that we've been shooting there for a while, we realize that we haven't even seen 10% of what was on our list. Which means that we will have to return next year to finish the job... The weather gods were smiling upon us, as we got good light most of the time and even a few days of snow. Bryce Canyon in particular looked stunning covered with a white blanket.

We're already leaving for Northern Africa again in just a few days, so unfortunately not enough time to select and process images for Marsel, but Daniƫlla took some cool shots with the Canon S90 and here's a panorama she made to give you an idea of how magical it all looked.

The next two months we'll be in the desert in Northern Africa with no internet connection, so we'll be quiet for a while.

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Christopher R. Gray said...

I hope you bought a lottery ticket after getting a shot like that BEAUTIFUL

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