11 December 2011

New setup for the Squiver Photo Tour to Alaska in 2012

We have changed the location for our Ultimate Bears photo tour in 2012, taking you to Clark National Park. We no longer have to go through Kodiak and lose valuable days; we can offer you direct flights from Anchorage or Soldotna to Lake Clark.

This amazing trip will bring you extremely close to wild brown bears, as we photograph them in their natural surroundings, with a rugged backdrop of mountains and glaciers, wild rivers and creeks. We will be staying in a very comfortable lodge, booked exclusively for our group. It is located in Lake Clark, in the middle of over four million acres of wilderness. 

We offer you outstanding photographic opportunities to view the earth’s largest carnivore, roaming the wildest and most untouched habitat remaining in the world. The bears have become used to people being in the area, so they totally ignore us while we observe and photograph them. We will photograph them running after salmon, fighting over territory, feeding in the meadows, digging for clams, stealing each others catch, or as they doze, catching their breath before the action starts all over again.

We will take only 8 guests on this trip in September 2012, so don't hesitate and make your reservation now. Please click here to download a PDF with detailed information about this trip. Pictures and a video impression of the tour are available on our website.

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