08 February 2012

Squiver Session: seminar workflow nature photography

Last weekend we hosted a seminar on Marsel's workflow: nature photography from the basic idea to the final print. We had over 130 people that attended the seminar and it was a great success. Marsel explained what he carries in that very heavy photo backpack of his, how he prepares for shoots, his settings for wildlife and landscape photography, what to look for in an image, how to make them look so clear, vibrant and crispy, the best way to get your shots onto the computer, back-ups, raw conversion, and Photoshop tips & tricks.

Because everyone was so enthusiastic and this one sold out very fast, we decided to do the same seminar again later this year and add another one fully dedicated to post processing and Photoshop. Marsel will then show in more detail how he works on his images - from RAW conversion to all the steps in Photoshop. The seminars will be held in the Netherlands and Belgium. So sorry - for Dutch speaking people only.

More info on: www.squiver.com/sessions/

Waiting for the seminar to start :-) 

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