16 April 2012

New video: Iceland Winter Wilderness

The video impression of our Squiver Photo Tour is ready! On 23 April the tour will go live on our website. And when it does, you will be able to find detailed information and make a booking for this spectacular tour.

We noticed when posting the new video for Turkey, that subscribers to our blog receive an email where the embedded video is not visible. We apologize for this - something is not going well between Blogger and Vimeo. So for all of our subscribers: please have a look at the video on Vimeo.


Bruno Ázera said...

Great work! Looking forward for more info about this tour.

Anonymous said...

Fantastische beelden! Groet Anja Veurink

Anonymous said...

Prachtig wat eeen mooie natuur en film mijn complimenten, dit wil ik ook wel graag zien.
Gert Bultman

Rafic Hage said...

Great work guys -- I just returned from Iceland, and it was wonderful bumping into this great winter view of Iceland; a totally different perspective than the one I saw a coupe of weeks back.

Anonymous said...

oh. wow. just, wow.

I'm traveling to Iceland next month and came across this video in my searches. This is magnificent! Great work.


Squiver | Marsel van Oosten and Daniëlla Sibbing said...

Thanks everyone! Glad to hear you like the video.
And for those that want to join us, please have a look at the detailed tour schedule: http://www.squiver.com/pdf/Squiver_Iceland.pdf

Anonymous said...

What's the name of the song used? Is it from Sigur Ros? Great vid by the way!

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