01 May 2014

Join us on our Tigers & Leopards safari with a huge discount!

Due to a cancellation we have one space to fill on our 8-18 June Tigers & Leopards tour, and time is running out. This is your chance to join the most productive tiger and leopard photography tour on this planet at a bargain price!

If you're not interested yourself, even though that seems highly unlikely, please share this message with people who you think might be. For more information, visit www.squiver.com


Rajesh M Krish said...

Hi Marsel
Congratulations on your latest award! I take a lot inspiration from your images and the way your creative about your images. Now, I still feel you must visit India once for the authentic Tiger and Leopard experience.

Squiver | Marsel van Oosten and Daniƫlla Sibbing said...

Hi Rajesh,

Thank you - I'm happy you like my work :-)

As for the tigers in India, I did visit India a little while ago for an article on tiger safaris for National Geographic Traveler. It was very interesting, but I saw only one tiger in one week. I'm sure I was very unlucky, but it did trigger me to search for other parks and then stumbled across this tiger project in South Africa.

Twinkle garg said...

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