15 June 2008

Namibia video added and program adjusted

Last May we visited Namibia with a group of 10 people, and we enjoyed every second of it. Daniëlla made a spectacular video impression of this trip and added it to the general videos of Namibia. Please have a look at the Tour Impression video and read what our participants had to say about this exciting trip on the Namiba Untamed webpage.

This year Etosha was bookable as an extension to the 14-day roundtrip in Namibia. Etosha was a big success and we saw a lot of wildlife. That is why we decided to make the Namibia Untamed Photo Trip even more diverse and we added a flight to Etosha to the program. This enables everyone to have a full day of gameviewing in Etosha National Park, on top of the spectacular landscape Namibia is famous for and the seals that were already in the program. The 2009 Namiba Untamed Photo Trip will start on 23 May 2009 and is now open for bookings.

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