06 July 2008

Wild Brown Bears in Finland

Report of a Squiver Photo Trip - In June we took an group of photo enthusiasts to Finland, to photograph wild brown bears in their beautiful natural habitat, and it was a big success. New hides had been added to the existing ones, which meant we could not only photograph the bears in a gorgeous forest setting, but also in a swamp and near a small lake with stunning reflections in the water. The weather was good, with lots of sunshine, so we could photograph far into the night (the sun does not fully set in Finland around this time of year). But the best of all: we had on average 8 bears per night in front of our cameras! That gave everyone plenty of opportunities to shoot a lot and improve their shots each day, which really showed in the daily image reviews. What made it extra special was that we saw three different mothers with 2 or 3 tiny cubs each, only a few months old. At some point we even got them as close as 3 meters from our hide! They are the cutest things you can get in front of your lens, and some of us even wanted to take one home.

Please visit the Wild Brown Bears Photo Trip page, where you can download a PDF with detailed information, have a look at the image gallery, see a video and read what our participants had to say about this trip. The first bookings for 2009 are already in, so don't hesitate and reserve yourself a seat for this growling photo tour in Finland!

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