15 November 2009

Ultimate Bears of Alaska trip starts 4 August 2010

We have set the date for our Ultimate Bears photo tour to Alaska. It will start on 4 August 2010 and consists of a full week of bear viewing! The price of this trip is 4995 USD and includes the round trip by float plane from Kodiak Island to Katmai, guided bear watching, guided fishing, kayaking, all meals, field instructions, image reviews and photo workshops.

We have two boats at our disposal, taking 5 guests per boat. This allows us to move freely around the bears and land our boat wherever we want, so we can all have a high quality experience in the field, without people blocking your way or being in view of your camera.  On our website you can find more information about this spectacular photo trip. You can also download the day-to-day schedule for our Ultimate Bears photo trip 2010, which gives you a good idea of what lies in store for you in Alaska. You can expect a week full of thrills and amazing photo opportunities!


Chris Gray said...

Looking forward to seeing you on this side of the pond. This has all the makings of another great photo workshop. See you in August.

Chris Gray, Winnipeg Canada

Patrick De Paepe said...

Count me in, just need to manipulate some final details...(Big Boss and the smaller ones...)
Think it's going to be a next great trip, looking forward to it!
Greets and all the best for the new year!

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