02 November 2009

Weblog launched!

Welcome to our new weblog, with all the news from our website and "new news" from the last 3 months. But do have a look at the older posts, because with the current lay-out all pictures that go with the articles are now in a large format. Have fun going through it and we hope to see you back often!

Marsel van Oosten & Daniƫlla Sibbing

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Rolf Hendriks said...

Hi Marsel,

You must be hearing this all the time, but you work magic with your pictures. It thought I could pull some tricks out of my camera's, but you seem to beat it all. Never saw such a wondeful portfolio. So thanks for this inspiring site. I'm looking forward to a book that contains your best work.

Keep stunning all of us!

Rolf Hendriks

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